Upgrade Your Spray Booth

If your spray booth has heat but no bake cycle – we can help. With equipment upgrades you can experience faster drying and increased revenues.

equipment_upgradesAutomatic Spray Booth Pressure vs. Manual Spray Booth Pressure Control
The videos below show the difference between manual spray booth pressure control and automatic spray booth pressure control. In a manual system, the operator will adjust the pressure just before beginning to paint. This is always done with closed doors. Then when the doors are opened to enter the booth or to move the car or parts out of the booth, the pressure actually becomes slightly negative. This allows air from the shop to enter into the spray booth and causes contamination in several jobs to come. The automatic system when installed properly, senses the open door and closes down the exhaust to force the air out of the spray booth, preventing any non-filtered air from entering the spray booth.

Standby Cycle
It’s 30 degrees outside and you have a large burner heating a large volume of air costing you a lot of money while the paint booth operator is prepping the next car to come in or mixing paint. Our standby cycle upgrade is the solution to saving money on energy costs and increasing your bottom line. It automatically puts the spray booth in a energy saving mode during these times and returns it to full spraying mode automatically when the painter pulls the trigger.

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