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Proper Filter for Exhaust

Spray Booth Filters And When to Change Them!

There are many choices when it comes to purchasing filters for your spray booth equipment. Some include the labor to change them while other choices will have the labor supplied by shop personnel. In any case it is important to know what to look for when selecting filters for your equipment.

While some filters cost less than others they also may offer less protection of the equipment and probably do not provide for a good air diffusion for proper balance. We intentionally stay away from fiberglass filter media for these reasons. A good choice starts in a polyester type product.

When measuring for a filter size, be sure to consider that all of the air entering or leaving any area should pass through the filter. If a filter is cut to small, air will bypass the filter and compromise the efficiency of the equipment operation. The proper time to change a filter is when the static pressure across a filter has exceeded a point in which the fan can no longer effectively overcome it. This point is determined by many factors and is best left to the professionals. Some spray booth manufacturers will offer this information if asked. Most recommend to change them based on a certain number of operating hours. This is still a guess at best.

Improper Exhaust Filter

Improper Exhaust Filter

John Baker Sales can install gauges to indicate the best time to change the filters. We will run several tests at the time of the gauge installation and mark the gauge in two places. The first is where it should be at when new filters are installed and the second will be at the point when the filters require changing. We can also leave filters on site so they can be changed by your personnel at the proper interval.

pink panther guessingAutomatic Notification of Dirty Filters: 

Air Pressure Switches can be installed and connected to a choice of many different devices. We can have a switch turn on a warning light that can be located by the paint booth or in the body shop office. A switch can be wired to shut down the spray booth after adequate warning time has expired. We can connect it to a valve that will shut down the air line to the spray gun. It can sound an audible alarm or siren. Turn lights off!

The Importance of Proper Spray Booth Filtration
Over the past 26 years we have seen many, many disasters caused by improper filtration…and improper maintenance. First, filters must be changed at regular intervals to ensure that your spray booth is operating at peak efficiency. When filters aren’t changed they can cause paint contamination, spray booth failure and loss of revenue.


The proper sizing and type of filter is also critical for maximum performance. Our belief is that filters should not be fiberglass – they do not do a proper job of filtering the air! Our choices have been tested and proven to maximize efficiency and revenue.

If the filters aren’t sized right, we ensure that all of the air entering or leaving any area passes through the filters. If a filter is cut to small, air will bypass the filter and compromise the efficiency of the equipment operation.  Sometimes it is difficult to know when filters really should be changed. We’ve solved that problem through our maintenance programs and equipment that can be installed at your location.


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