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Why is Spray Booth Air Flow so Critical:

Air Flow in a Down Draft Spray Booth is intended to “envelope” the part or the car that is being painted. All of the air that enters the spray booth should be directed to surround what is being painted. If doors leak either because of improper latching or worn door seals then some of the air will be pushed out of the booth through these areas instead of down around the car and out through the exhaust tunnel. Booth Cabin Pressure operating too high will cause turbulence of the air flow and move dust around and leave some in the paint job. Low Air flow will not allow for the envelope of air to move fast enough around the vehicle or part and this will not prevent dust from getting through to the painted part. Filters cut too small or not installed air tight in their holding frames will allow non-filtered air to enter the spray booth.

John Baker Sales has provided a few videos below to demonstrate the importance of proper spray booth air flow. Proper spray booth air flow equals more cash flow!

Fog Test with Improper Air Flow

In this video you will see the fog lingers at the car and even builds up before going down into the pit. What we know is that it requires a fast moving blanket of air to stop dust from contaminating the paint job.

Fog Test with Proper Air Flow

In this video you will see the fog moves faster and more directly into the pit. This illustrates that the air has been sped up to improve the quality of the paint jobs.

Why is Spray Booth Pressure so Important:

The next two videos show the difference between manual spray booth pressure control and automatic spray booth pressure control. In a manual system, the operator will adjust the pressure just before beginning to paint. This is always done with closed doors. Then when the doors are opened to enter the booth or to move the car or parts out of the booth, the pressure actually becomes slightly negative. This allows air from the shop to enter into the spray booth and causes contamination in several jobs to come. The automatic system when installed properly, senses the open door and closes down the exhaust to force the air out of the spray booth, preventing any non-filtered air from entering the spray booth.

Manual Pressure

Automatic Pressure

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