At John Baker Sales, we have over 54 years of combined industry experience as spray booth specialists. We know how important it is to have reputable, fully-functioning and safe spray booths and spray booth equipment. While equipment breakdowns can happen and sometimes things may need replacement, we’ve found the most efficient way to keep your spray booths running at their best capacity and for as long as possible is to have a proper maintenance system. Regular and quality maintenance can prevent many equipment issues and therefor maximize your business.

There are a lot of benefits to use a proper maintenance program:

  • Qualified technicians can spot minor issues before they can escalate into something more severe
  • You maintain the quality operation of your equipment so it’s running in its best condition
  • Breakdowns will be reduced

Using our equipment maintenance program provides you with even more benefits:

  • You’ll receive a 10% discount on parts & service in case service is required
  • Free access to our technical support is granted to those in our maintenance program
  • You will have priority over non-maintenance clients

These are only a portion of the benefits you will see by making sure you maintain your booths and accompanying equipment. If you need services for spray booth maintenance in Salt Lake City, Utah, or surrounding areas, look no farther than John Baker Sales. We have the experience and qualified technicians you need to keep your equipment at its best and will even provide a free survey to determine if your program is right for you. Learn more about our services at