What is Accele-Cure? Accele-Cure, a Garmat® USA system, uniquely uses strategically placed accelerators that distribute more air at a stronger velocity directly over the vehicle. How does this lead to a greatly-improved flash time? It’s all about the evaporation! The water is evaporated in record time by breaking the micro climate surrounding paint surface, sending the evaporation process into overdrive! Finally, air is drawn towards the center of the booth and increases the airflow from the plenum, streamlining the air movement over the vehicle for lightning-fast flashing.

Flash Dry – Water base drying system

Outfitting your garage, shop or factory with a drying system for both solvent and waterborne paint doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive – in fact, the Flash Dry system from BECCA was designed from the beginning to be fast, efficient, economical to operate and exceedingly affordable, even for the smallest garages and shops! The Flash Dry system features a high static blower, an on/off motor starter, and an intake air system that includes a filter and heater, tempering the air and filtering out dust and debris.

Hose Trolley

The Hose Trolley is designed to extend the life of your hoses while also creating a safer work environment. Compressed air hoses left on the floor not only significantly reduces the life of the hose, but also diminishes the quality of your paint job. When left on the cold floor, hoses are subjected to the changes in temperatures from the bake cycle and causes the hoses to degrade and the inner core to break down. Also, hoses left on the floor increase the risk of injury through tripping.

Overall, the Hose Trolley makes maintaining hoses much easier while increasing production and creating a safer and cleaner work environment.

Grippy Mat

The PIG Grippy Mat was made for paint booth floors. This mat traps airborne dust and overspray that can be easily vacuumed up. Each mat lasts about 3 to 4 months and are made with a solvent-resistant backing that holds tight to prevent wrinkling or bunching.

Like90 White Out

This specialized cleaner requires no water to use. Simply apply the product to the interior of your spray booth to cover the dirt and grime. This process can be repeated three times before the layer can be peeled off.

Parts Rack

The Parts Rack is a very versatile rack that enables you to maximize the productivity in your paint booth. The racks are adjustable and includes two J-hooks that can fully support car doors. Push the rack out of the way when you don’t need it or move them forward when you do.



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Paint Stand

Work smarter with the Easy-Flex Paint Stand. This flexible stand folds down to 7″ and is fully adjustable to help make the painting process as smooth and easy as possible. The stand also includes accessory hooks and can hold up to 220 lbs.



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Spray Gun Cleaners

BECCA RE-NU Performance

RE-NU™ is a process designed to restore the performance of any spray gun. The polish will remove/reduce micro inclusions from the surface. This will provide less friction and turbulence in the flow of fluid and air to maximize performance. The system works with any material but works exceptional with metal surfaces.

BECCA Water Wave

WaterWave™ is a concentrate Cleaning Solution designed specifically for Waterborne materials. Mixed with water and used in a heated state, WaterWave™ will clean the most difficult colors like Red’s & White’s quickly. The Micro-Film™ (No effect to paint materials) coating left from its use will add to the speed of cleaning the Spray Gun.

E50M Manual Flex Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner

The all-new E50M Manual Flex Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner from BECCA was designed to provide garages, shops and factories with an compact, easy-to-clean, all-in-one waterborne spray gun cleaning system! The unique POWERPISTOL™ provides quick and painless cleaning of the fluid passageways, while the E50M’s optional upgrades turn this into the “utility knife” of cleaning solutions, allowing you to add and remove the accessories and features you value most!

“Little Squirt” Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaning System

Sometimes a “Little Squirt” LSW-10000 Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner is all you need to keep your spray guns clean and in optimal condition! Forgot costly and bulky systems that overstay their welcome – the “Little Squirt” takes up less room, costs less to purchase and maintain and is NESHAP compliant. Best of all, this system can be used as a pre-rinse or as a full-fledged spray gun cleaning system!

Solvent Distillation Recycling Systems

3 & 6 Gal. Distillation Recyclers

The BECCA® Solvent Saver™ systems are The Professional’s Choice in solvent recycling systems! Why does your garage, shop or factory need a solvent recycling system? It’s all about being more productive, efficient, effective and economical. With a solvent recycling system, you can reduce your operating costs and reduce your hazardous waste generation with the ability to process conventional, alternative, and waterborne solvents – all by utilizing the same system! Saving money, reducing waste and remaining compliant has never been easier, thanks to BECCA!

17.5 Gal. Distillation Recyclers

Save money, reduce waste and remain compliant through the BECCA® Solvent Saver™ system. The 17.5 gallon (or 66 Liter) model requires 13.5 Amps and 220-240 volts and has an operating time of 3 to 7 hours. It’s dimensions are 62″ H x 24″ W x 37″ D and it weighs 400 pounds.

55 Gal. Distillation Recyclers

With the BECCA® Solvent Saver™ system, you can save money, reduce waste, and remain complaint. The 55 gallon (or 208 Liter) model requires 50 Amps and 220 volts and has an operating time of 6 to 8 hours. It’s dimensions are 90″ H x 42″ W x 60″ D (112″ H with winch add-on) and it weighs 1115 pounds.