BECCA Water Wave

Waterborne Cleaning Solution Concentrate with MicroFilm Technology

Tips For Success!

WaterWave™ is a concentrate Cleaning Solution designed specifically for Waterborne materials. Mixed with water and used in a heated state, WaterWave™ will clean the most difficult colors like Red’s & White’s quickly. The Micro-Film™ (No effect to paint materials) coating left from its use will add to the speed of cleaning the Spray Gun.

1. Use WaterWave™ mixed with water (distilled or tap). One bottle makes 5 Gallons of cleaning solution.

2. When heated the WaterWave™ cleaning solution be-comes highly active and speeds up the cleaning process.

3. Very Important! – Complete a detail cleaning of the Spray Gun prior to using WaterWave™ to assure the Micro-Film™ coating will reach all surfaces. Where ever paint is adhered on the Spray Gun the Micro-Film™ will not coat the surface.

4. Equally as Important! – Do not perform a final chase with any product other than WaterWave™. Chasing will remove the Micro-Film™ coating and the enhanced cleaning performance.

Product Information

Water Wave

Waterborne Cleaning Solution Concentrate with MicroFilm Technology

  • Highly Active with Heated Cleaning Systems
  • Leaves MicroFilm – making next cleaning easier
  • PH Neutralizer
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate Free
  • Flexible – Can be Used with any Brand of Spray Gun Cleaner
  • (1) 8oz Bottle per 5 Gal of Water

RE-NU Performance

RE-NU™ is a process designed to restore the performance of any spray gun. The polish will remove/reduce micro inclusions from the surface. This will provide less friction and turbulence in the flow of fluid and air to maximize performance. The system works with any material but works exceptional with metal surfaces.

  • No Fish Eye
  • Simple 4 Step Process
  • Use Recommended Every 3 – 6 Months