Equipment Maintenance

Avoid Equipment Breakdowns

Our experience has shown that many service calls and equipment breakdowns can be avoided with regular maintenance. As such, we have created a maintenance program that helps you maximize your spray booth “up time” so you can maximize your revenue.

Specific benefits of our maintenance program include:

Spot minor issues before they become major crises

Works more efficiently, meaning higher productivity and profit

Review performance with a qualified technician

Priority client – if your booth is down, you come before non-maintenance clients

Keep your equipment operating in the best possible condition

Reduce breakdowns and improve performance

Written condition report – see the operating condition of your spray booth

Call (888)91-BOOTH to arrange for our representative to discuss a maintenance program for your shop.

Interior Spray Booth Maintenance

The beauty of this product is the “brightness” of the white color and the fact that no water needs to be used inside the spray booth to remove it. You simply apply it and when it gets dirty, apply a fresh coat over it to give it a “refresh”. This process can be done a total of 3 times before easily peeling it off and starting over. No pressure washing is needed. Water leads to problems… such as pre-mature corrosion of the metal and hazardous waste when mixed with the over spray in the spray booth.

PIG Grippy Mat for Like90 Particle Control

For use on paint booth floors – Cuts paint defects by 50% or more!

Traps airborne dust and overspray on the floor

Unique non-woven material traps dust and overspray when misted daily with Like90 Particle Control

Vacuum to remove dust and overspray

Reduces paint contamination by 50% or more

Improves booth environment

Green color makes booth pleasant and bright

Maintains good lighting and reduces noise in the booth

Protects booth floor – no more scraping off overspray

Durable, padded mat with solvent-resistant backing

Typically lasts 3 to 4 months

Adhesive backing holds tight to prevent wrinkling or bunching

Two people can install Grippy Mat in under 30 minutes

Tape seams with standard 2-inch masking tape

Compliant with NFPA 33 for spray booth safety

Static decay: 0.5 sec @ 12% R.H.

(MIL STD 3010, Meth. 4046)

Padding makes standing and kneeling more comfortable, reducing painter fatigue

Fast and easy to install

Minimal floor prep and no special application tools necessary

One roll (31″ x 150′) covers most automotive spray booths

Surface resistance: 1011 Ohms @ 12% R.H.

(ANSI/ESD STM11.11 & ASTM D257)