We Service All Paint Booths

Properly servicing your spray booth throughout its service life is just as important as choosing a quality spray booth from the offset, especially if you want to maintain a consistent level of operational efficiency, maximize your spray booth’s longevity and reduce its whole-life cost. Your in-house maintenance personnel and most service contractors may be able to keep your equipment operational, but it takes spray booth experts with decades of institutional experience to properly recognize equipment inefficiencies that may be reducing your productivity or even creating safety or compliance issues.

At John Baker Sales, we service all makes and models of spray booths, and we are renowned for our specialized knowledge and experience working with this specific type of industrial equipment. In 2017, we even opened our own training center to properly train service technicians on the intricacies and specifics of servicing and maintaining spray booths and manufacturer-specific control panels.

Upgrade Your Spray Booth

Are you fully satisfied with your spray booth, or would you modify it to include a bake or standby cycle? With equipment upgrades and modifications, you can supercharge your spray booth, leading to faster drying, increased productivity and efficiency and more revenue in your pocket!

Standby Cycle

If your spray booth lacks a standby cycle, you could be burning through energy and money by leaving your burners on during downtime, needlessly heating the air in your spray booth as your operator preps the next vehicle or prepares paint. Our standby cycle upgrade can save you money, boost your revenues and lead to less wasted energy – a win-win your paint booth operation!

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Automatic Spray Booth Pressure vs. Manual Spray Booth Pressure Control

Do you know the difference between Automatic Spray Booth Pressure vs. Manual Spray Booth Pressure Control? A manual system requires the operator to adjust the pressure just before beginning to paint. Unfortunately, this manual adjustment is done with closed doors, and when the doors are opened to enter or exit the booth or to add or remove a car or parts, the pressure suddenly becomes slightly negative, allowing shop air to contaminate the spray booth and negatively affect future jobs. An automatic system, properly installed by experienced technicians, can sense when the door is open and will automatically force the exhaust to close, expelling the air out of the spray booth and preventing contaminated shop air from entering the booth.

Direct Fire Burner

Do you have a spray booth with a heat exchanger? If so, don’t replace it with another identical system! Heat exchangers represent outdated technology that few manufactures still utilize in new equipment. Instead, consider a new booth with a more efficient direct fire system! It’s not difficult to see a difference, whether it’s in person or when it boosts your bottom line. With a direct fire system, air passes over an open flame, gaining heat instantly! Indirect fire systems like heat exchangers are forced to wait for the steel exchanger to heat up before any real heat gain is noticeable. If speed isn’t an important factor to you, consider the difference in efficiency – older systems can range anywhere from 76% to 80% efficiency, while new direct fire systems are 100% efficient! The fuel and time savings alone from a direct fire system can result in a ROI in as little as twelve months.