Paint Booth Installation

When you purchase a new or used paint booth from John Baker Sales, we can help you install your booth at your location. Watch the video to quickly see what it takes to install a new paint booth!

Why is Spray Booth Air Flow so Critical

In a down draft spray booth, air isn’t just supposed to touch or brush up against the section of the car being painted, it should completely envelope it – in fact, all of the air flowing into the spray booth should be directed in this manner. If the doors are leaking air from your spray booth, either due to improper latching or worn seals, your booth will be less efficient, use more energy and take longer to complete the cycle, all of which can cost you and your business money. However, more cabin pressure isn’t always better, because exceedingly high pressure can disrupt the air flow and move dust, dirt and other airborne particles in the paint. Inversely, low air flow will result in slowness of the air, which can also result in airborne particles landing in the paint. Finally, a clogged or small air filter can restrict air flow or allow non-filtered air to enter the booth, leading to contamination.

Improper Spray Booth Airflow

As demonstrated in this video, fog will linger around the car before existing through the pit. Without a fast-moving blanked of air, dust can and will contaminate a paint job.

Proper Spray Booth Airflow

In this video, the fog quickly descends straight into the pit. This results in faster, more efficient air flow and an uncontaminated paint job.

Why is Spray Booth Pressure so Important

What is the difference between manual spray booth pressure control and automatic spray booth pressure control? When using a manual system, the booth operator is required to adjust the pressure before starting the paint process with closed doors, and when the doors are opened, the pressure is slightly negative, allowing air contamination in the spray booth. A properly-installed automatic system knows when the door is open and will force the exhaust to close, expelling the air inside the booth and preventing contamination.